ui.undo for tables

Hi there,

so I’m using the ui.undo features to make undoable python script actions, which is really great.
The only thing I am missing at the moment, is the ability to undo changes to table cells.
If that would be available one could really easily implement an undo/redo functionality in their TD apps.

Cheers, David

Be careful with those features. They’re experimental and can break your undo stack.

Regarding tables, you currently have to roll your own. Not too hard if you’ve got the hang of the callbacks.

Attaching the undo history lister I made for testing. Good luck in there, and let’s keep talking on this thread if you find bugs or have other RFEs.
historyStack.tox (27.4 KB)

Hi Ivan,

sorry for the late reply and thank you for the example.

This undo feature makes it so much easier to roll an undo/redo system and the way it is implemented with the possibility to group actions together in undo blocks is just perfect.

Now it would be really great, if the functionality would be more complete.
At the moment some actions like changing parameters and deleting / creating operators work, while changing dats or copying an operator does not.

So I am really hoping, that this awesome feature will be developed more.

Cheers, David