Ultraleap motion controller 2 Question


Could you help me please?

I’ve got an ultra leap 2, I got it working but my animaze character moves their arms all over the place, the arms are going behind them and through the characters head and cannot get the arms to move in front of the body.

I use ultra leap motion controller 2 in Animaze is there any better install drivers that I can use instead of the ultra leap 2 drivers from the website? I’m not sure if there are any that would make it run better any help would be appreciated.

Merry Christmas

I’m not familiar with Animaze, so I can’t really speak to that software directly; however I’m a little surprised that you would find the ultraleap that unstable. From my experience, once the system locks on to your hands that output is very smooth.

Have you looked at the results in the Ultraleap Control Panel? Do the hand positions seem stable there? Are you using the new gemini drivers? I’m not aware of any alternatives that would be better.

I’m also wondering how the rest of the body is rigged? The leap only returns data for the lower arms, so you would need to extrapolate the position for the rest of the body somehow.