UN-RESOLVED: Strange consistent frame dropping

I’m trying to track down a frame drop that is very consistent

I think this has something to do with Touch or how I have configured my computer.

The same frame drop happens in a blank new project.

See image for details.


On bigger projects this 15fps drop becomes really noticeable

TouchDesigner version : 2019.14650
Intel i9-7900X
Windows 10 v 1803

NVIDIA p6000

Can you post the results of the ‘dropped_frames’ channel, that one is much more helpful for debugging issues like this.


image was taken after 60 seconds in perform mode with an opviewer on the trail.

What does the Monitors DAT say your monitor is running at? This can sometimes be caused by a monitor running at not quite 60hz perfectly when TD is running at 60hz. If you make TD’s FPS exactly equal to your monitors, do the drops go away?

oh my you are right, my little chinese touch screen is running at 59.718

I was not able to set touch to this FPS and solve the issue, I would rather force the screen to conform instead.

once I unplugged the screen we were back to normal. Thanks thanks

It seemed that this was the issue but is has not been solved.

I was able to force the refresh rate in nvidia tools and this would show up in the Monitors dat, but the issue was still there. I tried a different screen but no success, check the photo:

I have three projectors and one screen, but this shouldn’t matter if they are all at the same rate, right?


Ya, you are correct. In this setup if your TD is set to 60 FPS then things should be ok, so that isn’t the issue.

Can you use the performance monitor’s trigger feature to try to find a log for the frames where that drop happens?