Underwater shader effect

For a current demo I need to create an ‘underwater’ effect using webcam input.
Is anyone aware of any shaders that might work for this?
Ideally I am looking for a blue tinted ‘overlay’ effect with some distortion and caustics.
Although its currently for a personal demo the end result might be used for a commercial project so would be willing to pay a small fee.

Hey! Pretty simple. Use a noise top and have it translate in the z-axis with “absTime.seconds *.4”

Merge this with a displace TOP using your webcam as first input. Play around with the noise period (higher values and less contrast = smoother) and reduce displacement weight to something very small.

For the color overlay you can probably use this same Noise TOP but feed it into a lookup - change the gradient from black-white to blue-light blue. Merge the lookup output with the displacement TOP with a comp.