Unreal Sequencer Sync with TouchDesigner timeline

Unreal Sequencer Sync
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I made this Unreal Editor Utility Widget and corresponding .TOX to help a friend with some sequencer workflow needs for their project.

The Editor Utility Widget emits Unreal’s sequence editor current frame, start frame, end frame, framerate, and currently loaded sequence name via OSC. The .TOX enables TouchDesigner to receive this data and subsequently drives a designated time COMP so that it corresponds with Unreal’s sequencer.

Feel free to pick it apart and repurpose if any of it is useful to you.

Here’s a quick walkthrough video:

UPDATE 3/28/22:

  • Changed frame data injection method into time COMP from Python timeCOMP.frame setter to CHOP reference. This makes the TouchDesigner implementation more performant and responsive.
  • Added exception checks to both Unreal and TouchDesigner implementation.

UPDATE 3/29/22:

  • Added local address parameter to .tox.
  • Linked GitHub repository for easier updating/maintenance.

This is very useful! Would be great to see it uploaded to Community as an ASSET post so people can find it here as well Community | Derivative.

I can link this forum topic with the ASSET articles comments if you decide to post it there as well.

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Hey Ben! That’s a great idea. I will put an ASSET post together for it. :smile: