Unusual midi commands

Hi there!
I have the trouble with my korg nanokontrol2
When I used kontroller I was see strange commands in midi console and midi in nodes. In midi console it looks like “Other” type and “00 00 00” message. In midiin CHOP it changing random channels by random value…
The trouble comes in blank project.
What I tried to do:
restart project and pc
install KORG KONTROLL Editor softwere
install KORG USB midi driver

also this trouble is absend in other softweare like ableton or midiox

my OS: win10 21H2 19044.2486
my TD Build 2022.321030

It sounds like something is issuing a MIDI restart to the controller, which would be expected if you are installing software. I suggest posting a pic of the MIDI logs or MIDI IN DAT when it happens.

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Here it is