Unwanted cooking (due to CHOP with 0 channels?)

Hi guys, working on a project with midi notes in from ableton on another laptop. I’ve separated each song into containers with corresponding visuals, and the SOP, TOP and CHOP outputs needed from these containers going into switches so that I should only be pulling the song that is playing at any one time. However, I’ll very often see in the performance monitor that there are things happening in other containers:


I am not pulling any content from container 13, but there are clearly a few actions happening here. Is this because of line 81 in performance monitor (MIDI Event Check…), or is it because of line 82 (Cooking CHOP with 0 Channels). If so, why does it cook a CHOP with 0 channels and pull all those upstream from it, despite me not needing it and how do I avoid this happening across the board?