Update SocketIO client DAT to latest version with 3.x and 4.x support

Hi there,
the current socketio dat supports version 2.x . Using nodejs its easy to connect by using on server side the allowEIO3=true flag. But I ran into the a problem with a socketio-python server which does not gives you the option. Older verions supports it, but they run into other problems.
Similar libraries on other platforms maybe have also just access to the latest 3.x and 4.x versions.

The touchdesigner documentation points out that its using this lib:

The current master branch is also updated to 3.x and 4.x . It is possible to update touchdesigner’s implementation to a more current versions? Thanks :slight_smile:

Best wishes

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Upon release of v3/v4, we kept the SocketIO DAT as a v2.x client for backward compatibility reasons because newer clients can’t work with older server versions, but older clients could work with newer servers provided it’s configured with the appropriate settings. Of course, like you said that only works if you have access to those server-side settings.

That being said, it’s been a few years since the release of v3/v4 so it’s probably about time we made the switch.

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This sounds fantastic. Thanks for being so open and supportive!