Update UI to separate experimental from stable update status

This is a small wobble, but it does continually catch me off guard when watching for new releases.

Currently, the update button in the top right of the UI displays green when a new stable build is available and yellow when a new experimental build is available. Which is amazing - I love a helpful indicator to know when a new version is available.

The gotcha I’m experiencing is that when both a new stable and experimental build are available, the indicator displays the status of experimental rather than stable. For example, running 33910 I see this:


It’s only if you hover over the button that you see:


It’d be great if instead this button:

  • reflected stable’s status before experimental
  • was split into two indicators one for stable one for experimental

The other behavior to note is that clicking on update will currently take you to the experimental installer rather than stable:



Hi @raganmd

Thanks for the report.

We noticed some issues on our end and we are working on this internally.



Hi @raganmd, part of the confusion here is that the Preference for checking for experimental builds was always on and not listening to the Edit > Preferences settings.

We fixed this in the latest Official build, 2022.35320, so it will not alert people just about experimental builds and link to the experimental page now, unless a user turns on that option manually.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll look at an improved update notification that handles both branches for future UI updates.


Thanks @ben - I typically set the Check for experimental builds to off, which is part of my own confusion here.

I do really like the notification for both new stable and new experimental builds, and I don’t know what the best solution here might be.

For some additional context, we typically have multiple versions of TouchDesigner installed on our development machines and then start any given project with a script - allowing us to pick which version of TD we’re using on a project.

This is great, and it also means we can test projects in different builds, and test our own boiler plate project in an experimental build just by changing the version variable in our script.

What trips us up is working in a stable build and then wanting to update to a latest stable before deploying a project. Currently we’d change our preferences to only reflect when a new stable is available, but that does mean we may miss experimental releases (which we use to test against new features before they’re released).

I suppose that means that in a perfect world, I’d like to know when either release is available :grimacing:.

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