USB POV Cameras - Video device in TOP


Looking for USB pov camera like the Marshall CV503-U3 USB 3.0. Anyone had any experience using this camera or something like this, and has any recommendations for similar cameras? Do you connect it through the webcam option in Video Device in TOP?

We don’t have experience with that camera ourselves. In theory it should work through the Video Device In TOP though, as long as it has DirectShow or MediaFoundation drivers, which most cameras do.

Ok, thank you.

Hi @malcolm
I just got an email back from Marshall saying this product is software agnostic. That means it should been fine as well, it will appear as a capture device? It also has UVC1.5 commands, I don’t know if that means anything for TD though.

Yep, that seems to be safe then, using DirectShow or Media Foundation. I’m not familiar with UVC1.5 commands, so I don’t think that matters one way or the other

Thank you.