Usb to DMX cable

Hellooo :slight_smile:

So I have a project coming up and I finally will be involving lights in my installation and I wonder if this “usb to dmx” cable from lixada will work??

/p-l0385 at lixada dot com

Tried search but couldn’t really find any info on it. If this one is a no go maybe you guys have some tips??

Assuming that because this is my first post on the forum I can’t post links, and there for it’s a bit wierd hehe but you’ll get it I believe :smiley:


I would avoid it !!
As a former lighting programmer, I will definitely go for a proven supplier like Enttec. Their interfaces like the Dmx USB Pro or the cheaper Open Dmx USB work great and tested on many installations.
The interface you mentioned may not be recognize by TD except if it use Enttec general serial. (it may works only with their package)
Other option is to use an artnet or sACN interface.

I hope this help

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The reason TD can’t support all of the rando USB to DMX devices out there is that every manufacturer of USB to DMX devices implements to hardware slightly differently. Some do follow the “Generic Serial” protocol that is an option in the DMX Out CHOP, but that is a crapshoot and can cause issues if your computer slows down (no buffering).

I would definitely recommend getting an ArtNet / sACN to DMX node, or if you MUST go USB, get the EntTec DMX USB Pro or Pro Mk2.

Here is a cheap ArtNet to DMX box on Amazon:

Also no offense, but this question has been answered numerous times already on the forum with just a little searching: :slight_smile:

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No offense taken, I know it have been asked many times about usb dmx in general but I wanted to know what people think about this specific one, not alot available where I’m located and I’m in bit of a time situation haha… And I have never touched anything dmx before so I have really no idea what’s going on… but I will read more :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer though, I’ll try harder to find something more established :slight_smile:

I don’t have a Lan port though and as I understand it artnet connect through such? Or am I wrong?

I will look in to Enttec for sure, thanks :slight_smile:

yes, you need a LAN for Artnet or sACN.
Enttec is your best option if available .

good luck !

You’ve already received great advice here, but I would like also to recommend that definitely you should go with a reliable and well tested device and brand.

Yes initially it will cost you more money, but it will give zero headache with time wasted troubleshooting or finding workarounds; it will put you in the position to have more fun, move quickly, and will allow you to deliver a technically solid project.
This will give you more chances to get more work in the future, which means recuperating that initial cost way faster, while building a better reputation for yourself as lighting & creative person.