USD import doesn't show animation for USDGeomPoint?

Hello there,

I’m playing with bringing in some usd files that have time sampled position and color attributes. The import appears to have successfully read one of the time stamps of the data since I can see points laid out at random locations in 3d space and they have random colors too. Unfortunately they don’t update their position or color. This would seem like the animation was completely broken, except the USD viewport does actually show the “center” updating as the timeline progresses, so I can tell something in TD has figured out that the positions change over time. I just don’t see any visual reflection of that?

Here’s the td file I’m using and the USD file isn’t permitted to upload here (.usda not allowed?) so feel free to grab this and rename the file type after downloading
my_usd_file_change_back_to_usda.toe (293.9 KB)

USD_only_shows_1_timestep.1.toe (4.4 KB)

I would have gone with the virtual filesystem but it doesn’t seem to like using .usda files? Anyways, thanks for all the assistance anyone has to provide!!

Hey @humbletang

Apologies about the delay.

This is logged for a developer to look into it and get back to you.