Use 2D Texture Array in GLSL Mat

Hi, I have a 2D Texture Array(4 * 4), How to get the pixel corresponding to each slice?

I tried the following method, but it didn’t work.

texture(sampler2DArray, vec3(uv, sliceID))

Thank you!!!

here examples for the GLSL TOP and GLSL MAT, both sampling the third slice.

sampler2DArray_GLSL.tox (3.1 KB)

Thanks you!!! Solved, it’s the UV problem.
And I have another question:
In 3*3 pixels, why uv(0.2,0) is the second pixel? What I understood before is: the first pixel is 0-0.333, the second is 0-0.666, and the third is 0.666-1.