Use 4 webcams at once

Has anyone had any luck using 4 USB webcams at one time? It seems like if I attach them using two separate USB hubs it should work, however I noticed on one hub, TD maxes out at 2 webcams in, whereas I can see 3 in OBS. I’m going to test myself when I get a second USB hub, but I want to see if anyone else has made this kind of multi-cam setup work? Does it matter if the cameras are identical or will it work better if they are different?

It should not matter.

If on Windows, if you have problems using the default ‘DirectShow’ library, try ‘Media Foundation’ library as its the more modern of the two.

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Thanks ben, I’m on a Mac and as long as the cameras are plugged into two separate USB ports (2 cameras in one port, two in another) it works just fine. In this way I think up to 6 USB webcams could be used on a typical computer with 3 USB ports.

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