User SOPs

I saw the post about integrating Houdini Engine and it reminded me of an idea to improve SOPs, so here it is in it’s own thread.

I wonder if there is a way for us to start a user library of “uSOPs” which would be a collection of GLSL shaders, python scripts, etc. that perform specific actions currently unavailable in SOPs. Would this get us closer to that Houdini/Grasshopper type geometry manipulation that we crave? Or is it really only possible with SOPs that are hard-coded into TD?

Perhaps it would be easier for Derivative to convert uSOPs into built-in SOPs as opposed to coming up with new SOPs from scratch.


actually I’m working on something for the community for this. It got a bit delayed because these festival months are always very busy for me. Hope to have beta version ready soonish.

cool, can you describe what you are working on?

what I’m working on is not specific for ‘user SOPs’ but for anything user created, in categories so everything is easier to find for everyone. This question comes up often and after some tryouts I think I’ve built the right system for it. I will need you guys for input&feedback when it’s bit more polished.