Using a constant CHOP to reference a table for a TEXT SOP


I’m trying to use the text from a table DAT for the text field of my TEXT SOP,

It works fine when I reference using cell/row indexes with this expression

op('table1')[3, 1]

however, when I try to reference the channels of a constant CHOP using this expression

op('table1')[op('cell')['row'], op('cell')['col']]

the expression returns “none”.

What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks so much,

Love niph <3

Hey @niphophila,

the table cell reference is expecting integers but the reference to the channel is casting to a float. So you would want to convert this to a integer: op('table1')[int(op('cell')['row']), int(op('cell')['col'])] or utilize a Select DAT to fetch the cell before referencing in the Text SOP.


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Thanks Markus! That worked. <3

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