Using a switch to toggle through certain CHOP settings?

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I made a previous post back in April about syncing visuals within TD to music from a DJ mixer for use in a live setting. It has since been resolved and I will link it below in case anyone is interested:

Moving on from this, I have found a way to control my lighting rig via DMX in the same project. I am now trying to create various scenes for my lights to perform and toggle between these as I change visuals. This way the lighting will correspond uniquely to each visual. The only solution I’ve thought of is to copy/paste various instances of a constant CHOP with certain settings applied and attach them to a switch so that when I change a number on the switch, the lighting scene changes. I think the main issue I’m having is trying to recall parameters for the lights. For example, I’m using an LFO CHOP connected to a Math CHOP and a Null to control values within the Constant CHOP of my lighting controller UI. Let’s say I have one set for the lights turning red and strobing on and off. I then duplicate that set and change the lights to blue. Both of these sets need to use the Null from each as a chop reference to the same parameters. This was my initial idea, but I’m not sure if I can use a Switch CHOP to toggle between the different CHOP references.

I currently have my visuals attached to a switch that toggles through them one by one as I press a key on my keyboard. I was wondering what the best method would be to link the lights to this system so that the lights correspond to the visuals, but also change to that particular visual’s lighting scene as I toggle through the various visuals. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You’re getting into preset system territory. This is has been notoriously missing from Touch… there is a preset example in the palette, but i find it wanting for many of the features you will need.

Check out TDMorph here in the community forum of the derivative website. It is an incredibly robust tool, and the version 2 release is right around the corner with a lot of the features you will want for the arbitrary recall of your settings.

There is also the Tau Ceti preset system by Alphamoonbase, which is another take on a robust preset system if you’d like to shop around for your own best approach.

Finally, 404.zerror is a TD based preset system that might be worth checking out. Its a bit expensive, and is locked down for your own further tweaking, but its out of the box a very easy way to perform presets as well in TouchDesigner

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Thanks for the help! Sounds like a preset system is what I would need to accomplish that. Time to start looking into those!