Using camera object for projections

Hi there,
If Ive made a big splurgy visual (not necessarily a 3D model) for a festival in touch and I want to spread it over several projectors (blending them) as I understand it I need to use cameras (in touch) - point them at different sections of the visual - and then assign each of these cameras to a different output ofr prokjectors ? If this is correct is there a simple tutorial online on how to do this. To put it another way - say I want split an image into 4 quarters so I can use 4 projectors and get a bigger image - how is this done ?

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using multiple windowCOMP is possible but you will significantly reduce performances.
Suggested use is to combine your visual into a single image / comp and throw it in a windowCOMP set to “bounds of all monitors”

you can have a look here (thank you @raganmd by the way for all the priceless ressources !) :

There may be a cheaper way but if you only have one laptop and three or four projectors like I did you can use hardware “wall managers” or splitters from Datapath like my old X4 or Matrox TripleHead2Go. Then make one big master in touch designer like above and split it up any way you want in the hardware. I did not have enough separate video outs on my laptop to drive each projector on its own.

Video gamers sometimes use these devices to triple up monitors so you might be able to find a used one cheap, if your current computer does not have enough outputs.

Hope this helps

interesting thanks guys. Have you a link to one of these splitters ? I do have a desktop with 4 output graphics card - not sure I want to cart it around with me though!!

sorry for long link but go to Matrox and you will find it. Google Datapath for theirs.

thanks - I love the way this fella talks - its making me chuclkle - very wnthusiastic