Using CHOPS to animate HSV Adjust hue offset

I’m trying to animate the hue offset adjust to change the color of a gradient based on BPM. So for example it’ll add +1 to the hue number every 4 beats, and after a chosen number it repeats the cycle. How can I make this? I tried used some CHOPS but when I assign them to the hue offset it doesn’t work

Also can somebody explain me why a CHOP can control the Ramp TOP Phase but can’t control the HSV ADJUST.


hi murilogdonin,

Do you have some sample code that you’re working with that you can share? It’s often easier to help with a simple example as a starting place.

Actually I didn’t know I would have to use code in this case. I’m totally new to Python, but I know a little (very little of C). In this case I think I’ll need CHOP execute DAT (I still don’t know how to make the BEAT CHOP trigger something, only the LFO), and the code I’ll define a constant and make it run a for loop, every 4 beats.

Ragan meant can you post the network what you have made so far - makes it easier to work together on it.

Here it’s
Captura de Tela 2018-03-28 às 19.18.02.png

yeah - for future reference, an actual .tox/.toe file is much easier to work with than a screenshot

Here’s an example of every bar (so every 4th beat) changing the color of the HSV Adjust TOP
In 10 bars it goes through a hue offset of 0-360, and then starts over again.

Let me know if you have any questions in understanding this example!
beat_hsvadjust.tox (934 Bytes)

Thank you so much, exactly what I needed. My idea was very close, it was missing the Logic CHOP. One more question, it may sound stupid but why in this case I need to write op(‘nullx’)[bar] but in others only dragging the OP works?

Actually you can always both drag or type.
If you read this tutorial on Referencing in TouchDesigner part I you’ll understand a bit more on how to make these references between nodes.