Using data to control 2d\3d visuals

I’m trying to think of a way to take a set of values and use it to create a visual outcome.
I had the idea of finding a way to use different data sets to create\control an axis of instancing network, or maybe generate a monochrome height map according to the set of values I have.
These are some of the ideas I came up with but I’m open to try any kind of such manifestation that might lead to a visual result.

Thanks in advance!

This really depends on what you’re trying to go for, as well as how the data is laid out I’d say. Take, for example, a ramp that is created using a seven day weather forecast. You’d have seven “positions” on the ramp that are then correlating with a color (perhaps whatever color correlates with the temperature". Another way is to use the table DAT and pull values from it over time, or convert it to CHOPs and have it drive positions or something. Hope this helps!

I’m planning to use either a csv file with a list of values, or a data table.
I’ve managed to understand how to convert these into chops and affect other operator’s parameters (like driving positions as you’ve suggested), but I’m trying to think of more ways to maybe generate meshes or maps (for example like some would do when visualizing geographical data).
anyhow, Thanks again for replaying, will definatly try out what you’ve suggested with the ramp and Table Dat :slight_smile:

When you say generate meshes, do you mean creating a custom geometry with SOPs? Data transfer is easy enough, but if you’re thinking about trying to make a map or recreate a physical form you can also use point clouds.