Using DATs to control chops

hey there
I was searching online and could not find direct information about this issue,
I’m trying to use data in order to control a waveform that’ll repeat itself, in a similar way to how an lfo with a sine wave could be used to control a certain parameter in another node.
Let’s say I have a csv file of values, or a table dat with values that I’d want to create a “wave” from (like a graph), that will get exported to an existing parameter in another node and will control it’s behavior.

Hope I’ve explained this correctly. I’m a total beginner, would appreciate any help.


You can import the data with the fileInDAT and then use a datToCHOP to convert it to a CHOP. Then use it in a lookupCHOP driven by something like a ramp lfoCHOP.

thank you !! super helpful!! I’ll try it out