Using facetracking to zoom into faces

I’ve followed this tutorial in order to find and track faces on Touch Designer, marking them with a red rectangle.
I’d like to find a way to zoom into one of the red rectangles. Either cutting to a closeup of one rectangle and then switching to another or cutting into a closeup of one of the faces and then cutting back out to the full image before choosing another rectangle again?
Is this possible or is there another simpler way to do something like this? I am a beginner with touch-designer so any advice, help or links to tutorials is appreciated.
Thank you :slight_smile:

you’re already getting the bounds, I’d probably approach this with a set of cropTOPs and dynamically set them to scale with the faces you’re detecting

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Hi, thanks for your response. I am very new to this and have been trying to piece different tutorials together to create what I need. The multi-track code draws a rectangle over each of the faces present do you know if there is a way to crop just one? Making that the face that is zoomed into?

if you only want one face i would ignore opencv and use NVIDIA face tracking

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I second what @drmbt says.
If you have a sufficient Nvidia RTX GPU to run the face track chop, it’s the easiest, especially if you’re only concerned with one face.

Take a look here. It uses simple expressions with the data from the chop.
face track.toe (1.2 MB)

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