Using Keyboard In CHOP and Switch TOP to switch between more than 2 videos

Hey there I have three videos in my network already connected to a Switch TOP and the index is set for all of them, 0 index for the first, 1 index the second, and 2 index the third.
I wanna set the index values on my keyboard so that when I hit 1 on my keyboard, the index parameter of the Switch TOP would turn in to 1 and ONLY STAYS AT 1 WHILE I’M HOLDING 1 on my keyboard and the same for the 2 as well.
ps. I’m like really noob at TD, so I would appreciate it if you could explain to me how to do this in the easiest way possible
thanks a bunch in advance

You might look into the Fan CHOP set to “fan in” mode after your keyboard in CHOP. Fan CHOP changes incoming channels either into multiple channels ( fan out) or merges incoming multiple channels into a single index, the op snippets for fan are pretty explanatory.