Using Kinect to track distance and move a video in accordance

hi all! I’m a student at the University of Quebec in Montreal and I’m currently working on a project for which I need help programming a responsive visual. The idea is to change where you are in a video clip according to how close or far from the screen you are. The project consist of the evolutions of colors of the earth with climate change between 1984 and 2020, which I extracted from Google Earth satellite images. The goal for the exhibitions of the project at the end of April is that a person can interact with the colors depending of their position with the projection: the closer they are is 1984 and if they move further, the colors change to 2020. I’m considering working a Kinect xbox one.

Would anyone know how to go about setting up a project like this?
Thank you!!!

JaviFernandez this is definitely doable if you have a PC and Kinect V2. You simply need to add a Kinect CHOP and when all is set up you will get tons of data coming in which you then need to funnel down to what you need with a Select CHOP. I would suggest choosing HipZ position in meters as that is very stable for a player. Then you would scale it with a Math CHOP to your frame control. Good luck on your project - sounds cool!