using LeDMX4 Pro w TD


I am new to TD, and attempting to map to a 100 pixel LED grid with TD using the LeDMX4 Pro.

I followed the tutorial “Intro to TouchDesigner Pixel Mapping”

Problem is, the visualizer in the TD sketch shows the colors moving on the virtual pixels as they should be. However, in actuality, my LED matrix doesn’t show anything at all.

I suspect it’s something I’m doing in the DMXout CHOP, but I copied the Node IP Address of the device and pasted it into the Network Address of the ART-NET option in DMXout. But nothing is showing up on the actual LEDs, which are properly connected to the LeDMX4 Pro.

Any suggestions?

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 6.16.34 PM.png


Configuration looks right from your screenshot but you might just want to run “ifconfig” in a terminal window to confirm that everything matches (subnet, gateway, etc.).

Setting the Local IP address in the DMX out node could solve the issue if you’re using multiple NICs on your computer. Do you have any other programs you can test output with?

If you’re willing to share your TD scene I’d be happy to take a look and see if anything looks wrong.

SOLVED it. I wasn’t supplying enough voltage to the LeDMX4 Pro. I was giving it 4.7 but it needs between 4.9-5V. DUH. Now it all works great.