Using Multi Quadro to drive more Blackmagic Decklink capture card?

would like to know if using multi quadro(rtx6000) card to drive more Blackmagic Decklink card on one pc is possible?
For now I’m Using my PC with one RTX6000 to drive three DeckLink 8K Pro. By using videodevicein TOP
to capture eight 4k 60fps and videodeviceoutTOP send out two 4k50fps, I think I touch my GPU bottle neck. So I wonder if more quadro could do any help with this situation?

capture card:

Unfortunately, it’s hard to say if the extra GPU is will help here. It’s more likely you are hitting a general PCIe bandwidth issue on your MB than a GPU bottleneck itself, but the only way to know would be to test this.

What if I got sufficient PCIe, would that be helped? like change the spec to dual CPU Xeon, and use the engine COMP or different TD instance?