Using Noise TOP in a SOP world

I am really into loops.
That is why I always try to use Noise TOPs because with them I can make seamless loops.
But if I want to displace a sphere SOP with some noise it has to be noise SOP.
I can use that to animate the points of the sphere.
I can use a facet before the noise or after the noise getting different effects.
I wanted to recreate the one with the facet SOP creating ‘unique points’ and normals before the noise. Using the noise SOP animates the vertices(?) and they move out from the middle point.
If I try that with noise TOP going to the CHOP world and then into the SOP world it works only when the noise is applied to the points of the sphere BEFORE the facet. Then the noise animates the points.
If I apply the facet first splitting the points to unique points and the using the noise all the points are animated and it looks completely different.
I have attached a tox with four examples because it is difficult for me to explain.
Is there a way to use the facet, creating independent vertices (are they called that) by making the points unique and then animating the whole vertices outward.
That should give me the same effect as when staying in the SOP world.
Hope I made myself clear and someone out there can help me.
Thanks Markus

20220726_noises_and_spheres.tox (4.7 KB)

since I posted this here I got told some interesting ideas.
But the real question here is, why are the noises (TOP and SOP) so different in how they interact with something like spheres.
I think that the noise SOP does something to the distance of the individual polygon (primitive?) from the center.
The noise TOP can only affect individual point data (x y z) and manipulate them. And since the polygons are numbered in a special way the noise data does that in this strange way.

If there is someone from @Derivative reading this, can you please help me here?
I need the noise TOP, because only there I can have perlin noise and can loop it.

I attach some images showing the different looks.

And I attach a .tox for you all to see.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks Markus
20220728_sphere_SOP_with_noise_SOP_and_TOP.tox (3.6 KB)

Hi @knoedel,

the Noise SOP fetches noise values out of a noise field. The sample coordinates are determined by the point position. You can try this by offsetting a sphere before passing it into the Noise SOP and the noise will change.

So to do this with a Noise TOP, you would have to give it the point positions of the geometry as a source for the TOP’s second input (Noise Coordinate Map) unfortunately, the noise types available in the TOP that mirror the SOP do not support the second input.

I would point you though to the tutorial by @DavidBraun

where he explains how to build looping noise with TOPs.

Maybe that would help?


Thank you.
I tried to implement what you wrote and have a tox.
Looks interesting. Also I am mostly into perlin noise, where this technique (if I got it right) works.
I made 3 times the same sphere sop at different locations and the put them in to the noise top via the chop world. They look slightly different as you pointed out. But by translating them I could blend them together… Great.
Thanks for the input.
20220728_seeding_the_noise_top.tox (10.4 KB)


Thanks again for the tip and the video. But this video is way above me. I have no idea about shading and things like that. I can loop the translate parameters of the noise so I can get seamless loops and that is sufficient for me.