Using TDAbleton in a Permanent Instillation

Hey @Ivan. I’d love some advice on using TDAbleton in a permanent installation.

  1. I have a Windows 11 device that auto reboots every night. On boot the TD project file opens up and I use TDAbleton’s settings to launch the Ableton session and auto play the project in the timeline mode. The Auto reboot causes Ableton to think the project crashed because it wasn’t saved before exiting, and a popup appears saying “Live unexpectedly quit… would you like to recover” preventing Ableton from opening automatically. Any ideas how to work around this? Any time you play the timeline in Ableton it thinks the project needs to be saved, so quitting without saving on an automated reboot results in this error.

  2. If TD ever crashes I’m hoping to hook up a monitoring service to force close TD and Ableton because re-launching the crashed TD file will open up a 2nd instance of the Ableton project causing it to not connect correctly. I know this type of monitoring service will vary between OS, but I’m curious if you have any recommendations.


If anyone else runs into this here’s a solution I found to prevent the Crash reporting popup. This allows for nightly reboots and allows TDAbleton to handle opening up the correct Ableton project without any snags.

I found part of the solution on the ableton forum here, but I had to delete the both the CrashDetection.cfg and CrashRecoveryInfo.cfg files that are generated when Ableton crashes at the following location (I’m running windows 11) :


I created a Execute Dat and ran the following code in the start function so this executes when the TD project is opened (note you’ll need to make sure your Ableton Version is set correctly).

import os
userPath = os.path.expanduser('~')
abletonVersion = "Live 11.2.7"
command = f'{userPath}\AppData\Roaming\Ableton\{abletonVersion}\Preferences\\'
removeCommand = f'del "{command}CrashDetection.cfg" "{command}CrashRecoveryInfo.cfg"'

Hope this helps someone else out.



Woo I’m glad you figured that out because I had no idea! Good to know and thanks for sharing. I’m afraid monitoring services for TD crashing is also outside my area of expertise, but do post if you figure that one out too.

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