Using Top data as wavetable in external sound program


I’ve had some very good results following this technique for translating a TOP to CHOP from a Render TOP into sound using a Lookup CHOP: Waveshaping

I’m interested in using this data outside of TouchDesigner, perhaps in SuperCollider or similar to have more options for sound transformation.

As I’m using RGBA data from 0-1, 1024 samples each, I’m presuming from my experience that OSC won’t send this much data quickly or accurately enough.

Any other ideas on how to use this data as a ‘streamed’ wavetable outside of Touch?

Here is a pic showing data from the TopToChop:

Hey there,

The best way to do that would be to send your data as a signal (straight out of the CHOP) to SuperCollider. You can try doing so with some virtual router like JACK or Virtual Audio Cable (don’t know what the more modern alternatives for these are). OSC would be unsuitable for what you are trying to do because of packet limitation.

Another thing is that for audio you need your data streaming at a useful rate, so you may need to employ a resample CHOP to emit at perhaps 8kh so that you can use those values as audio. I can try putting together an example later connecting TD with SC using this approach.

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Thank you Darien - this makes sense, just send it as straight audio data. Yes, an example would be great if you get around to it.

Not sure what other than Jack to use either, but that should be easy enough.

In addition to using the data as a wavetable, it would be interesting to use it to control filterbanks or fft bins - I’m trying to get my head around how to do that, I guess I’d need to count samples or something.