Using Wiimote Wii Controller as Joystick

Hello everyone,
I am trying to setup a Wiimote in order to control my patch.

I’ve found some very old posts here in the forum where they explain how to do that, but the methods they use are now obsolete.

Has anyone managed to connect the device recently?

I tried to use FreePIE and made a script that seems to work.
TD recognize the bluetooth device in the Joystick Source but it doesn’t receive any signal.

Thanks a lot!

You can use this software: WiimoteHook … uk-support

This is great software as it allows you to use the wiimote as a cursor, without a sensor bar!

and a Joystick in chop/ Mouse in chop for emulated sensor bar cursor if I remember correctly…

Another option is to use a joystick in chop with a hardware device such as:

mayflash used to make a wired one which you may be able to find too.

Hi bwanajh,
thanks for your answer.

I was able to connect it with WiimoteHook but TD seems to receive only the buttons and not the accellerometer.

I wanted to use a Wiimote because I need pitch yaw and roll

Do you know how to get those?

Thanks a lot!

Yeah I do not know about motion control, It might be possible, with custom op dll and cemuhook.

i would just use an android cellphone and osc app for pitch roll and yaw.

Ok I manage to get the x and y axes. In case somebody was looking on how to do it you should set some parameters in WiimoteHook

Enable_XInput = 1
Enable_DS4 = 1

EmulateMotionPlusAnalogStick = Both
SassthroughMode = Both
SendDataMethod = Auto

I’m not sure if this helps, but to receive data from a Wii, I have used a couple of years ago a software called OSCulator, connected to Processing and Live Ableton.
That allowed me to control Processing and Live Ableton values from a Wii.

What OSCulator does, it receives data from your Wii, and then you can set it to translate this data and send it out into different formats, for example MIDI cc among others.

I remember that getting OSCulator to see the Wii was pretty straight forward, and then getting it to translate the incoming message into what I needed for my tests was pretty easy too.

I hope that helps, but I guess that your ideal scenario would be to get TD to see the Wii directly, without using any middleware?

I was trying to create a setup through WiiMoteHook, my Dolphin Sensor Bar as a Joystick and my Wii Motion Plus Controller but
I just get out the buttons working as a respond in TD.

Is there any way to get the Axis Roll and Tilt …and so on working?

I got a good respond from a GlovePIE Script but the only problem was that
it sended out the values in a chaotic way and without negative values and does not
work with the Dolphin Bar
so I tried out WiiMoteHook.

Acutaly what I am try to achive is to fix the controller onto a moving wall and tracking
its position and rotation (maybe with two wii controllers)
and hopefully changing the mapping in live action.

Maybe there is a much smarter way for doing this.

I know that HTC Vive Controllers are more reliable to this kind of task but
for now I don’t have the possibility to buy one.

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: