Vacancy at Satore Studio London

Job Description – TouchDesigner (Creative Coder) Intern
Reports to: Visual Director
Location: London,
UK Term Of Employment: Part Time for 3-4 month duration
Salary: £150 p/w
Hours: Minimum 20 Hours p/w

Satore Studio is a visual design studio that creates illuminated visual design and immersive experiences for art and entertainment.
We are currently looking for an intern who has experience with TouchDesigner. This role requires someone who is creative, proactive, constructive, innovative and highly motivated.
This individual needs the ability to present to leadership and can help build a solution based on client requests, sometimes with minimal knowledge of the full end product.

Tasks and Responsibilities:
• Experimentation with new media (such as projection, robotics, lighting, etc.)
• Prototype new experiences using TouchDesigner. This may include user interaction, tactile multi cam, artistic installations, projection mappings, stage shows, VR projects, etc.

Basic Qualifications:
• Passion for emerging technologies
• Experience with shaders programming (GLSL);
• Experience with scripting languages (python and/or C++ would be desirable);
• Knowledge of 3D design software;
• Knowledge of Unity, Unreal, Openframeworks, Processing, Node.js an asset.
• Excellent Communication and Interpersonal skills
• Collaborative work-ethic must be a priority working in a dynamic team environment
• Interest in lighting (experience with lighting is desirable)

Educational Qualifications:
• Either undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in a degree or master’s program

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All these requirements for close to minimum wage!
What is the point? then. How do you even pay your rent in London?
Sorry that is just personal comment, I hope to not enrage anyone.
But that makes me think, better do you own project then sell that, rather than be victim of big company!
Long life to self employment!
Best of luck!

@greenpattern +1
Yeah - That is not a job description or an acceptable experience level for an internship.

This as a basic requirement already out prices your offered salary. A mediocre coder working in these languages would benefit more by spending the time developing their portfolio and working freelance then soliciting studios to showcase their work. This applies doubly so for students.


We respectfully disagree as we are a small studio looking for students or recent graduates who are looking to gain experience in the industry.

I have now updated the position as it might have seen confusing, our intention was to give as much information as possible as to what we would ideally like to find in an intern.

Appreciate the input.



salary = "£150 p/w"
salaryInt = int(''.join(filter(str.isdigit, salary)))
salaryInt = salaryInt / 5
salary = salary.replace('150', str(salaryInt)).replace('w', 'h')

= £30.0 p/h

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Most TouchDesigner guys in London earn at least £150 per day and thats straight out of University, there’s a severe lack of talent in London. In terms of the skillset you require I can only think of about 5 people in the UK with that skillset in TouchDesigner so I think you guys might struggle to find someone. (source: myself…I struggle to even hire freelancers)

Edit: having said that it may be worth posting here too:

If you want an intern, use/modify the below:

Desirable traits:
• Passion for emerging technologies
• Interest in shader programming (GLSL);
• Basic scripting understanding of Python;
• Basic knowledge of Unity, Unreal, Openframeworks, Processing, Node.js an asset.
• Interest in developing excellent communication and Interpersonal skills
• Willingness to collaborate in high-stress environments
• Interest in lighting (experience with lighting is desirable)

Otherwise, like everyone else said, you’ll have to raise the rate or lessen the hours. For your budget, you could try to hire someone for 1 day a week (or maybe 2 half days, if they’ll accommodate) at the rate Ennui mentioned for people just coming out of university.

Just looked online and apparently as of April this year, that hourly rate isn’t even legal for someone over 25.

As others have already said, I think you need to adjust your rates and/or expectations if you’re after someone who meets anything approaching the criteria you posted


import random

months = random.uniform(4,3)
weeks = months * 4
hours = random.uniform(20,40)

salary = "£150 p/w"
salaryInt = int(''.join(filter(str.isdigit, salary)))

totalSalary =  weeks * 150
totalHours = weeks * hours

hourlySalary = round(totalSalary / totalHours,2)

salary = salary.replace('150', str(hourlySalary)).replace('w', 'h')

= £4.76 p/h

Here i fixed it :slight_smile: