Valve Index controller in TouchDesigner

I’m using Valve Index and its controller with the latest SteamVR + TouchDesigner environment.

Although there is 3D model in OpenVR SOP, the index controller is not detected in OpenVR CHOP as a controller, but as a tracker so that we can track the position and rotation but unable to get button inputs.
Will it be updated?

We don’t provide a default mapping for the Valve Index Controller but you can create your own in SteamVR’s controller input configuration tool [Devices -> Controller Settings -> Manage Controller Bindings]. To have TouchDesigner appear in the list of applications you’ll need to launch TouchDesigner and create an OpenVR TOP.

Thank you so much for your reply. I’ll try the custom controller binding.

@eric.b Any ideas on what todo if the steam VR GUI gets stuck on this: “Loading the current binding”

@eric.b nevermind I found it… There is a legacy binding mode after exposing advance settings that works with Touchdesigner.