Vancouver - Dat Viz instructor

While not technically TD specific I thought I’d reach out here to see if there are any Data Viz whizzes in Vancouver, BC who would be interested in part time teaching related to Data Viz for AR/VR?

Here’s a little blurb about the course.

In this course, students will utilize their programming skills and learn how to access data sets and transform it into a visualized and interactive VR/AR experiences. Students will learn common data structures used by VR/AR from development through real time database operation, and how to integrate this data within different immersive platforms. Students will explore data visualization techniques and implement visualization pipelines. Particular focus is paid to working with large data sets through database APIs, querying that data for the correct information, and visualizing it effectively.

Get in touch if you, or someone you know might be interested and I can get you in front of the right folks.