Variable Font support

A variable font is basically a single font file that behaves like multiple fonts: it can contain all the allowed variations in width, weight, slant, optical size, or any other exposed axes of variation as defined by the font designer. You can watch a video showcasing how it works here -

While Touchdesigner is capable of loading a variable font file, it lacks parameters such as sliders for adjusting attributes like width, height, etc…

In the meantime, has anyone ever developed a workaround to simulate the blending of different weights of a font, similar to the video I linked above?

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We’re waiting for this to become a feature of the Slug text rendering library, since that is what we base our text rendering on going forward.

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Eager for that as well! Anywone know any workaround using other python libraries?

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Although this is not accurate at all, the closest I got to simulating the morphing of a variable font was this way:

Basically, loading the weights separately and then morphing them using the Blend SOP.