VDI TOP always hangup


The Video Device In TOP always hangup when I select DirectShow(WDM) and change the device.
I cant attach the crash report because TD did not export it.

Build 2019.18300

thank you,

When TD is hanging, you can go to task manager and find the TD process , right-click and select Create Dump File. This file will be large but it .zips up very well. Please send that to support.

Do you have all Windows updates applied? Does your camera require drivers?

Hi Ben,

Yes, I’ve already applied latest Windows updates.

I tried to attach the dump file at here, but I couldn’t did it because of the file is so big (1.4GB).
How should I upload this?

If you zip it you should be able to make it far smaller. From there, you can use dropbox or google drive to send it over.

Hi malcolm,

I uploaded the dump file on the following address.
5.gigafile.nu/0912-kc1b74a9e551 … a463a6dc72

Hey, can you put this on dropbox or google drive instead? The link seems to be broken but it’s also full of ads and I’m not 100% sure where to click :slight_smile:

Hi malcolm,

I uploaded the dump file on google drive. Please download from here.
drive.google.com/open?id=1mmKZX … ChWn1qInpA

my cam doesn’t work too…
is a cheap camera always worked, in directshow usb appear void so, when i switch on usb, i’ve to enable in option “device” too,despite this the render buffer is black.
No way to open my cam.