Vertical layout for the folderTabs widget

The folderTabs widget used to support a vertical layout. That option appears to have been removed.
Is there an alternative that I should use instead?

What version are you in? FolderTabs seems to have some problems in experimental…

This is in 2022.33910, trying to prepare for compatibility with experimental.

I’m updating widgets that were last updated in 2020 (widget v 2020.40.1.030) to the latest widget version packaged with 2022.33910 (widget v 2022.30990).

The 2020 version of the widget supports vertical layout, but the 2022 version does not appear to (unless I’m missing something).

@Jarrett? You know about this change?

I’m betting that this is because it was changed internally to use the “slug” based rendering Text COMP instead of the old Text TOP way of doing panel stuff. Related to my old feature request:

I’m making a UI now and already ran into this as well :-/

The feature for vertical layout was lost in a change that was made in preference for the dynamic menu squashing feature - where the words go away and a menu drops down - to match what TouchDesigner’s built in does.

I agree the old one was easier to use and stacked vertically, so we will bring that back as Core/MasterFolderTabsLegacy. It will come with the next release of Official…

Here is the a new masterFolderTabsLegacy Widget that should work like the original one did. This will be part of the official set so you can use it as is until the next Official comes out…

masterFolderTabsLegacy.tox (11.8 KB)

Awesome. Thanks!
That’s super helpful.
Could it support having different labels vs names for the menu items?