Vibration (sound) sensor to MIDI

Hello all,

So I’ve been experimenting with TD with a music project that consists only of acoustic/analog instruments (so no electronic, no CV…) and I’m creating visuals in TD that I am controlling with a MIDI controller (which allows me to time some effects perfectly).

It all works well and tight like that, but recently we started working with percussions, and I have a small splash cymbal that I’m using in a few songs with my fellow musicians…
Of course, I would like to be able to control some “effects” inside TD when I play the cymbal.

We tried hooking up a mic, either directly into my laptop, or with a Scarlett Focusrite interface, but there is always a small latency… If the effect is a slow build / fade in type of thing, it works OK, but if I want to trigger a very short impactful flash every time I hit the splash, then the latency is pretty apparent.

I’ve searched the forums, looked at some professional projects… and didn’t find anything that worked… I actually have seen a few “professional projects” where there is also latency, which makes me unfortunately think there is no solution.

So I started looking in a different direction, with the idea of a “vibration sensor” that could be taped to my cymbal and convert the signal to midi. Something that captures the subtleties of acoustic playing would be ideal obviously, but honestly if I could just find a way to trigger an ON / OFF midi signal with no latency, I would already be a very happy man.

In my search I stumbled upon a few projects like TET Music Pulse Controller, Mogees and ATTACCO Virtual Controller… but they all use Contact Mics plugged with an audio jack, so I don’t understand how the latency problem could be solved with these…

Has anyone been playing with this sort of “contact mics” or “vibration sensors”? Any luck on the latency issue?

Thanks a ton!

From my limited experience with sensors, and having experienced the latency you are describing, I can say that connecting the sensors via Serial (via a Pi Pico maybe) is the way to go.

Thank you for your answer, I will look into it if I need to in the future… for now I found a weird solution that seems to be perfect… I posted about it here : Audio Device In Chop Latency - #4 by rioyeti