Video as Particle-Texture

can anybody tell me if it possible, to feed a rectacle Particle with a video? I am experimenting with the Particle GPU, bt cant find a way. I want to use a videoloop of a flying bird and make it a swarm. I would be happy about help!


One solution is to use instanced texture for the instanced particules. It depends on how many birds you need.
I made a quick example wit 16 countdown.
TD-Swarm.toe (5.1 KB)

Thanks Jaques. The Videos as inputs on different indexfraction looks very good!
I was hoping to use the particle GPU with its forces options. My aim is to have the whole screen full of particles (birds) and on a trigger the birds start to fly in one direction out of the screen.
Here a testvideo with static birds:
And here is my accordingfile:

ba_Vögel.toe (483.7 KB)

Hello Niklas,
I made another example concerning movement with dynamic particle system using compute shader.
On the top, there is the dynamic system (here only speed but you can also add acceleration with two feedback loops). size constant chop is the number of particles (here 16 x 16 = 256)
I use math Top to reduce the dimension and direction of movement
Bottom is the instanced geometries with not moving butterflies.
Hope that helps
TD-Swarm.toe (7.3 KB)
And, for the fun, a version with alpha layer indicating age and age variation of particles.
TD-Swarm.2.toe (7.5 KB)
And a last version with flying butterflies…
TD-Swarm.5.toe (8.1 KB)
The movie is a 10 sec film animating the TD butterfly (720x720 25p HAP-alpha)

Hello Jaques,
first of all, sorry fpr my (very) late reply. Hollydays came and then other proects were more in rush. Thanks a lt for your ideas and the exemples. I now used the instancing texture ID method and came to a result. The birds still need some directions but all in all it works: Dropbox - - Simplify your life