Video Device In fps query!


I’m brand new to Touchdesigner - and have been following some basic tutorials on how to create a basic slitscan setup using a webcam.

With slitscan setups, the higher fps your input is (or - the slower motion your footage is) the smoother the output result is. My current webcam only reaches 30fps at lower resolution - and I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with any higher framerate video devices, plugged in through the Video Device In TOP. Are there any limits to the FPS that Touchdesigner can ingest?

I’ve seen a Logitech webcam online reach up to 90fps, and have seen that some Blackmagic capture cards can also handle high frame rate input, too. But - before taking the plunge on anything, was keen to see if anyone had any insights/experience here.

Regardless - nice to meet you all! :slight_smile: