Video Device In TOP Causing Crashes/Network Slowing

Hi all,

Windows 10 OS
TouchDesigner Build 2021.10330
No crash/dump file

I was doing some very basic work with Optical Flow in TD and noticed after awhile my network just froze entirely. So I started looking and turned off my VDI TOP and everything went back to normal. Not sure what the problem is, but this is the second time I’ve had this issue.

The weird thing is, is that the webcam generally doesn’t have any issues with TD, so I don’t know what they don’t cooperate sometimes for seemingly no reason.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey, sorry you are having this issue. Can you tell us the model of webcam you are using, and which library you are using to access it?

Hi @malcolm

Thanks for the quick response. I unfortunately do not know the webcam brand/model, but it is an FHD USB cable style webcam. I’ve been using the DirectShow and Media Foundation libraries.