Video Device In TOP to multiple containers?

I’m planning a show where actors perform in front of a greenscreen, I put backgrounds behind them and play the result to the audience.
I was hoping to run the show with a movie player like this one-
Operator hits a button to progress to the next shot when the actors are ready.
A lot of the time it’ll just be putting the performers in front of a background but there’ll sometimes be stuff in the foreground and / or special effects.

I’ve got a Video Device In TOP, I want to get its footage down into containers as they’re selected, do a few operators, send the result back up to the screen.

The problem I’m having is sending the camera footage where I want it to go.
Is there a way to get the output of that Video Device In TOP into a container?
Or am I going about this the wrong way?


You can use Select TOPs to get the output from any TOP in your network at any other place(s) in your network.

see Help->Operator Snippets -> TOP -> Select TOP for some examples

another more visible way to make the connection would be to put an in TOP inside each of the containers and wire the video top to the container.

Hey thanks- it’s all working real nice so far- I’m sending camera footage to containers with Select TOPs, combining my images and sending composites out to screens, but I’m having the problem that the more shots I have in the project, the more places the camera footage has to go to, which slows everything right down.
Is there an elegant way to send the camera to just the currently-live container?

TD is a pull-based system - nodes only cook when something is requesting their output.
So if you use a switch TOP at the end to select the output you want to see, the other parts of the network will not cook. Watch the green wires between nodes - if they are animated they cook.
Please note that opening a viewer on a node is the same as requesting its output.

Recommended reading: the Order of Cooking

Awesome. Thanks.