Video Device In(Webcam doesn't work)

Hi there,

My TOP Video Device In can’t capture video. It showed only black window. (But green light at my webcam did active)

I tested my webcam with other software(Photo Booth, Facetime) but It worked!
And I tried to reinstall TD but It doesn’t work.

I’m using TD099 macOS 2019.15840 (lastest ver.)

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Can you confirm that the “Library” parameter is set to “AVFoundation (macOS)”?

Did you try rebooting to make sure no other application is using the camera? What are the specs of your machine?

I got a same issue.
I’m using MacBook Pro 13’ 2018, TD099 2019.16600 and it’s free version.
Sometime works, but I cannot find how to reproduce the issue.
Another machine (MacBook Pro 15’ 2018) always works fine.

I remembered about this new security feature in macOS Mojave where you need to grant application access to the camera before they can use it. Perhaps this is the problem in your case?

This is found in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy
Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 2.32.09 PM.png

I’m using latest macOS (10.14.6) and granted permission to access FaceTime HD camera. :cry:

I also have issues with my laptop camera. Sometimes does work, sometimes doesn’t. I just keep rebooting my computer, turning off and on TD and turning off and on the video TOP till it randomly works again. Sometimes after a reboot, sometimes after the other things, you never know…

I am using mojave 10.14 on a macbook pro 13inch, 2017. i5

Thanks for the continued reports, it seems a number of you are experiencing this. We can’t reproduce it on any of our laptops unfortunately, but we will continue to try to.

Can you all share the details of your Macbook model, a screengrab of your “About the Mac” dialog would really help us narrow down the suspects.

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 12.54.09 PM.png

I report the detail of my machines.
MacBook Pro 13’, 2018 reproduces this issue.
MacBook Pro 15’, 2018 works fine. This machine switches graphics automatically between Radeon and Intel.
Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 20.39.22.png

My specs
Screenshot 2019-08-02 at 10.49.48.png

I got the same problem. Did you guys solve the problem?

@christopher.neumann No luck on this, we don’t have enough macs to reproduce it, all of ours work fine. Is your machine also using a Intel Iris GPU like the others effected above?

I just downloaded TouchDesigner for the first time to use it specifically with this TOP on my MacBook Pro. All my cameras show up black using build 2020.20020

@whistlegraph Did you confirm that the macOS security and privacy settings allow TouchDesigner to use your camera? This was mentioned above.

Yeah the problem isn’t in permissions. It’s that the camera hardware is activated, but no video feed shows up in the TOP preview window or in any of the nodes that are connected to it, for any of my video devices, and I’m using the default CoreVideo API.

But anyway, this is why I downloaded TouchDesigner to begin with and I can’t be the only one who has a Mac and wants to use TouchDesigner specifically for this.

Can you confirm that the Video Device In TOP is set to “AVFoundation (macOS)”, we do not have anything in the menu called CoreVideo API. We have tested on all our Macs here and they do not have issues with the Video Device In TOP, so we need to find out what is specifically different in your system so that me might be able to reproduce the issue. Once we can do that we can fix it.

Oh sorry yeah it’s AVFoundation and I’m using the FaceTime HD camera but it also doesn’t work with other cameras. I got confused with the API on macOS named CoreGraphics, sorry! Well is there a way I can send you some more information to help?

Hey I’m pretty sure the problem is with the Intel Graphics chip on my 2019 13" MacBook Pro. I just downloaded the latest build on a new 2019 iMac with a Radeon GPU and Video Device In TOP works perfectly.

Thanks for the feedback. We will try to find some local with such a spec laptop, these Intel Iris on macOS have a number of issues, other things like rendering with the Line MAT also don’t work.

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