Video Folder Graphic Glitch?

I have a folder with a bunch of video files.
Sometimes the folder menu gets this graphics glitch which usually shortly leads to a crash?
I’m not sure if there are just too many items i nthe folder ~(60)
and I need to break up the videos into different folders?


This should be fine.

Can you share a file to reproduce the issue ? Is that folder / menu of a fixed size or does it keep growing over time ?

Are you on latest build ?

Are you drivers all up to date ?


video_glitch1_looper_table.tox (36.5 KB)

it’s a bit hard to share

because I have a base from the root project1/ that controls which folders go to each folder comp, which is where I was getting the menu from.

The folder is a fixed size. At least I expect it to be. It’s a folder with video files and I’m not adding or removing any files from that folder.
I’m on build 2023.11510
I beleive my drivers are up to date. My computer is up to date.