video format/codec - 10bit high-quality


I am new to TD.

I would like to play 2 videos in alternation.

The videos have a resolution of 1920 X 1080.

I need to have a high quality. In particular I have soft graded backgrounds so I plan to use 10bit color depth to avoid “color steps”.

I have tried to use MXF with DNxHR HQX 10 bit (which gives good results playing outside TD) but the Movie File In TOP gives the message “Failed to open file”

I am using Non-Commercial at the moment, but I want to buy Commercial or if necessary Pro.

To create the videos I am using Adobe Premiere Pro.

  1. Which 10 bit video format / codec should I use? Which has the best quality? It would be nice if I can export the format/codec directly from Adobe Premiere Pro.

  2. What version do I need: Pro or Commercial?



+1 on this.

Would love to add DNXHD as a codec to Touchdesigner, so that I can record 10 bit video from a decklink capture card. And then play it back using MovieFileIn.

If I’ve downloaded the codec (done this from the Avid site), is it possible to add DNXHD to the ffmpeg build somehow so that DNXHD appears as a codec in the dialog?

Is it just a licensing issue that it’s not available?

I’ve successfully captured 10bit video via the decklink into a Cache Top, and this appears to be 10 bit data. But no way of recording the movie out, especially in Realtime.

It looks like FFMPEG can maybe capture and record to DNXHD… … dnxhr.html

Any help gratefully received.

I’ll have to check the licencing for that codec. It’s possible we can’t support it due to restrictions.
We do support 10-bit H265 using the Nvidia hardware decoder. Also you should be able to get 10–bit color using Cineform codec.

Thanks for the reply.

Which format/codec do you recommend: 10-bit H265 using the Nvidia hardware decoder or 10–bit color Cineform?

Thank you!

HI Malcolm,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Cineform is OK for exporting but doesn’t seem to work for realtime capture.

I’ll give it h265 a go.
I’m doing portraits with faces, which will be archived so hoping to use 4.2.2 colour.
I’m from a post background, so trying to keep the quality up.

I asked a colleague to look into adding DNXHD. He said…

“checking briefly online, TouchDesigner doesn’t show their exact build setup for their ffmpeg libs; this could be an issue”

Is there any other info you can share on this?

Many thanks