Video glitch with VNC

Experiencing a strange video glitch which is either VNC or Vulkan or driver related.

Only happens with 2022, not 2021
This video shows the issue

build 2022.26590
using UltraVNC

Hey @art3mis

Did you try another VNC app to see if it’s just with UltraVNC ?

What’s your hardware ?
Are you drivers up to date ?


Confirmed. Same issue with RealVNC.

Running Quadro 8000 cards.
511.79 DHCP driver

Hey @art3mis

I’m unable to reproduce so far.

You could try to update your driver. I’m at 516.59.

I’m using TightVNC here (server and viewer) and no issue.

Here’s the solution which was discovered. With client VNC Viewer 2 change these 2 settings to get around this issue.

Update. Unfortunately not a 100% solution. Still troubleshooting but seems to be resolution related when launching TouchDesigner over VNC. Affects all VNC clients as well as Teamviewer.