Video In TOP crash after a few hours

I’m trying to run a dead simple project ( ) with only a Video Device In TOP and NDI Out TOP. Using a Logitech Brio for this in 2019.19930.

As per this thread, I’m using Media Foundation in order to support the Camera’s 4K output. However, it’s proving quite unstable: after several hours of running the project, the Video Device In always freezes its output, then becomes unresponsive and stalls TD completely.

Edit: here’s a screen recording of what’s occuring:

Can anyone replicate this issue? Or has it been resolved in more recent builds of TD? Thanks.

@dylanroscover Moved this over to bugs forum. Do you have any dump files you can share? If it just hangs/freezes TD, you can go to the Task Manager and right-click on TD application and select ‘Create Dump File’. This is a huge file but zips up nicely, send it into Support.

By chance, if you run it without the NDI does it still crash? NDI has been updated since the build you are reporting.

Thanks Ben.

  1. It crashes without NDI. Seems to be a Video Device In issue.
  2. Will send the dump file to Support momentarily, cheers.

The hang is occurring when trying to turn off the camera, is your file cycling the camera’s power or anything?
I’ve added a few fixes that hopefully makes this more stable though.

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I don’t believe it was cycling power at all. Looking forward to the fixes, cheers.

The crash is definitely happening when the On parameter has been turned off, if that gives any hints to avoid it on your side.

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same issue here. “connection to device lost” the On/Off switch causes it to stop responding. edit: If I stop and shutdown chrome, it resolves my issue. but this seems like a reoccuring issue with video in tops

It sounds like in that case that the camera is being ‘grabbed’ by Chrome as soon as you turn it Off in TouchDesigner. Once another application grabs the camera, that application will need to give it up before TouchDesigner can reconnect.

To test this theory, you can shut down all applications other than TouchDesigner (or run after a restart) and see if you have the same behavior.

Just started having this issue again, I’ll have to check system permissions and chrome permissions on the cams. I’ll create a dump file too