Video into grid

Hello fellow TDians,

I’m new to TD. I would like to produce similar stuff in touch designer as it is shown in this video

It is one video divided into grid and it rotate in circle triggered by audio. Do you think it can be possible in TD?

Thank you in advance.

I guess there are many ways to achieve this effect. However the most straight forwards might be just with the use of Layout TOP :slightly_smiling_face: Even though this wouldn’t automatically divide and rotate your video, you can prepare the Layout TOP inputs in the way you need, and let it just composite them in a grid. Replicator COMP could greatly help you with setting up such inputs.

(following image shows just a concept of Layout TOP)

I have stumbled upon component made by @DavidBraun that could help you get the desired effect with much easier and cleaner setup. Check you his github repo for more info - (GLSL_Cell_Rotate.tox)

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Thanks Monty, I will take a look. One noob question. How o I use this .tox file?

drag&drop the tox file into your TouchDesigner window, and connect a movie to its input.

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Thank you, I will try it tonight.

But this is static image, how i can make it animated as shown in the video in the very first post in this thread.