Video matrix pixels

Hi all I would like to work exclusively on some pixels of an image or video so, I think I should extrapolate from movie file in the video matrix and then be able to process only some pixels of the matrix.
How can I do this do you have any suggestions? Thank’s

Hey @JohnHallerStanding ,

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Sorry, your question is a bit vague. Yes you can change a selection of an image and then composite it back over the original. It’s not clear to me what you mean with “video matrix” in this context.
Can you try to rewrite your question to be more specific in what you’re trying to do?

Hey Nettoyeur
thank you very much for your answer.
my idea is to work with small portions of video or imaggine . I was thinking of working with the individual or groups of pixels of a video or image. So the only idea I had was to be able to extrapolate the matrix of video pixels and work with that. It may be thinking wrong and I can get to the result with another process

yes you can. If you specify on what properties (such as location or color or…?) you would want to select pixels or part of the image/video perhaps I can help you further on how to do that In TouchDesigner.

For instance if you would want to select a color range and adjust that, see a examples in Help-> Operator Snippets for the HSV Adjust TOP or Chroma Key TOP. There are about 1000 snippets in there for most nodes in TD to get inspiration from.

yes I know the snippets are a great help.
If I want select a pixel or a part of image/video What are the most appropriate nodes?

Thank’s for your help.

There are many options - as I said above that depends on the criteria you want for selecting what pixels. Perhaps a Crop TOP?

Yes I’m really experimenting with crop TOP, maybe I’m looking for a nodes that is faster at processing pixels or portions of video.

You could also see if the Remap TOP would give you the desired outcome.

As a general thought: when working on a section of the video - could it make sense to just apply the transformations you are planning to the full video and then at a last step cut/reassemble or is it absolutely necessary that effects are only applied to the specific section?

If you like, share sketches or files and we’ll be able to get a good sense of your idea.

Thank you very much, Remap Top I haven’t used it yet now I will study it. As soon as I share the sketches Thank’s