Video Processor(s) to Split 8K into 16 HDs

Hi guys,

I am looking for recommendations for hardware video processors capable of splitting 8k signal.

Ultimately I need to output 18 HD feeds, 8k fits 16 of them, I could then output two HD or one 4k from the other ports of my GPUs.

I found these products below, Geobox. They seem to be taking 8k as input, they then output 4x4K @30hz.

you can look into videowall processors like tvONE Coriomaster or Datapath VSN family for a single device with >16 HD outputs and either multiple 4k inputs or perhaps already able to capture 8k input. If it only takes 4k you can add an 8k to multiple 4k splitter in front, like the one you posted above.

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