Video Stream In : UDP

I’m having trouble getting consistent stream in via UDP. I’m using ffmpeg to capture a local window and streaming that locally via UDP. Then, in TD, I have a video stream in, but it’s spotty at best. Sometimes the screen is black, but a lot of times if fails to open the file.

VLC also fails to open it. However, ffplay seems to work.

Any help or tips?

If you’re using ffmpeg, can you try using the SRT protocol instead of UDP? It’s more structured

Thank you, I’m looking into this but I believe I’ll need to build ffmpeg with srt support in order to try this. I’ll need to research the best way to do this on Windows.

I use this personally:

Using VirtualBox with Ubuntu. It is possible to do it on windows itself nowadays though.

Nice, I’m trying this. Build takes a while

edit: I got it working on the latest build of TD. Not sure if its better or not than UDP. its really finicky about the caller & listener and the order of what starts first so far…

this didn’t work unfortunately. However, I discovered I had a build that has SRT enabled. I have switched to that build, however I am not aware of SRT being enabled for Video In Stream CHOP yet. Is it? I see an experimental build enabling Video OUT but nothing for IN.

Sorry, it’s enabled in the 2020.40000 experimental branch.

No worries, I was able to get it working but I’m not sure it’s going to work for me. There’s quite a bit of latency even if I’m streaming it in locally, not sure why.